Lakeshore Center Expansion

Current Status

: The project will double the existing banquet room by extending the building to the north into the area now occupied by a City Hall employee parking lot. The design kick-off meeting was conducted on July 27. Rhodes and Brito Architects are mere weeks away from final construction documents, and the expansion will soon be underway. The city has determined that the best manner for construction of this project is the construction manager at risk approach, so solicitation of statements of qualification from potential contractors will begin in October 2017. Once hired, the construction manager at risk will work with city staff and the architect to develop the final construction plans.

The Lakeshore Center Expansion will cost an estimated $2,275,000 of which all comes from the general bond funds. An additional 200-seat expansion will be added to the existing facility extending North where the current employee parking lot exists. Interior spaces such as the rest rooms, bride and groom ready rooms, and other spaces will change with the new expansion. When the expansion is complete the Lakeshore Center will be able to support multiple events, or large events up to 450 people spread across multiple configured spaces.

General Fund Capital Bond Construction Schedule

Using the "design-build" method with bridging the design criteria package will include detailed drawings from the design-build firm to decide most structural elements.
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