Joel Keller  
City Commission
Title: District 4 - Commissioner Keller
Phone: 407-905-3112
Commission District 4 Map (JPG)
Commissioner Keller


Commissioner Joel Keller has been actively involved in the community having served on Sawmill Homeowners Association board since its inception with the exception of one year due to other commitments until his election to the City Commission in March 2006. He served on the Citizen Advisory Council for the Ocoee Police Department from January 2000 - March 2006 and the Ocoee Planning and Zoning Board from February 2002 - March 2006.

Since joining the Ocoee City Commission, Commissioner Keller has at various times, served as the city liaison to the Citizen Advisory Council for Police Department, Citizen Advisory Council for Fire Department, and the Human Relations Diversity Board. Commissioner Keller is also the Ocoee representative to the MetroPlan Advisory Committee.

Commissioner Keller has an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science from Orange County Community College in New York. Also, he attended both State University of New York (SUNY), New Paltz and SUNY Oswego Colleges, and he is employed by Rotech Healthcare in Winter Park.

Commissioner Keller has lived in the City of Ocoee since 1990. He and his wife, Laura, married in 1984 and they have two children, Christopher and Danielle.

Please feel free to give Commissioner Keller a call at 407-470-7036 or 407-905-3112 or contact him via email. He is also on Facebook (Hon Joel Keller) and can be followed on Twitter (@joelfkeller)

Commissioner Joel Keller's term is from 2015-2018.  


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