Healthy West Orange Wellness Park

The CRA, City, and the West Orange Healthcare District/Foundation for a Healthier West Orange partnered to build Healthy West Orange Wellness Park with the intent of improving overall community health factors for our residents and the local workforce.

Wellness Park activates two stormwater ponds through the installation of a ½ mile perimeter walking path, gathering areas for health-related events, and four shaded wellness stations. Equipment at the wellness stations includes a suspension training piece, bikes, a body flex wheel, a cross trainer, a chest press/upright row, an arm bike, and a squat/shoulder press. The park is beautifully landscaped, including the installation of aquatic vegetation at the pond’s waterline, creating a more natural setting. 

The West Orange Healthcare District awarded the CRA with a $2.25 million grant to construct the new park. The total construction cost was $2,941,462.84.

Project Status: Completed February 2023
Project Cost: $2,941,462.84

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