Support Services Department


Through a coordinated effort, Support Services streamlines and centralizes a variety of services. Support Services is comprised of several staff sections that work together to administer cohesive programs that directly support and benefit city employees and citizens.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement seeks to protect property values by ensuring compliance with the Land Development Code and other city ordinances. Code officers work with property owners to advise them of observed issues and how to address them. If voluntary efforts are not successful, code officers refer the alleged violations to the city's Code Enforcement Board or Special Magistrate for adjudication. Ocoee's Code Enforcement Section also provides services under contract to the nearby town of Windermere.

Community Relations

Community Relations is responsible for:

  • Encouraging civic participation in municipal government
  • Informing the public about city programs, services, and emerging issues of interest
  • Conducting public events
  • Managing Ocoee TV
  • Providing Marketing and graphic design services for special events
  • Providing photography services
  • Providing reception desk services to City Hall
  • Supporting the Human Relations Diversity Board

Information Technology

Two units of the Support Services Department have been consolidated to better enhance the ability of information technology to be deployed and supported throughout the city. The Information Systems (IS) Section deals with the general provision, maintenance, and use of computers, data networks, and telecommunications equipment. The Geographic Information System (GIS) Section leverages aerial imagery, on-the-ground surveys, official governmental records, and other data sources to produce maps and perform spatial analyses. Information Technology staff also design, construct, maintain, and operate audiovisual equipment throughout the city, including Ocoee TV. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Section maintains an inventory of city infrastructure; supports the allocation of storm water fees, fire safety assessments and communication taxes; works with the Orange County Property Appraiser to identify properties within the city limits; produces general and special-purpose maps to support other city departments; and creates online mapping functions for the city's website.

Information Systems (IS)

The IS Section designs and maintains the information technology and telecommunications infrastructure necessary for interactive contact within the city and the community. IS staff assists city departments in acquiring and using information technology to meet their strategic objectives, manages the city’s website, provides help desk services and supports the use of technology throughout the city. Help Desk services for computer, telephone and other IT issues can be requested online or by calling Extension 1555.