Fees & Charges

Right-of-Way Utilization Permits

Inspection of Utilization of Right-of-Way

Type of Inspection
Longitudinal cutsBasic fee $100 plus $5 per 100 feet or fraction thereof
Overhead utilitiesInstallation of poles (other than repair / maintenance) - $75 plus $2 per pole

Transverse Cuts

Type of Cut
Open cut - paved areas (each cut): cut greater than 50 square feet$300
Open cut - paved areas (each cut): cut 50 square feet or less$100
Open cut - unpaved areas (each cut)$100
Bore and jack (each operation)$200

Inspection of Curb Cuts (Driveway)

Type of Driveway
Fee per Driveway
Commercial (First driveway: Fee is waived if site inspection fee is applicable. No fees for curb cut in State of Florida or Orange county right-of-way jurisdiction.)$400
Residential driveway$50

Additional Permit Fees

  • Construction of road and other subdivision improvements on public rights-of-way dedicated to the public on recorded plats, the development of which is not governed by current subdivision regulations - 2% of the total construction cost of all committed improvements for which no other permits apply.
  • Miscellaneous inspections for construction on public property - 2% of the total construction cost for any other construction over, through or upon public property not covered by any other fees. Minimum fee - $110

Reason for Waived Fees

Fees imposed in this schedule are waived when the permit holder is required to relocate improvements within the right-of-way due to construction or reconstruction of any road by the city and such relocation takes place in conjunction with said construction. Similarly, fees will be waived whenever utilities are placed in the right-of-way during and in conjunction with the construction or reconstruction of any road by the city.

All references herein to "right-of-way" refers to the streets, rights-of-way and easements for which a right-of-way utilization permit is required by Article I and Chapter 153 of the Ocoee City Code.

Capital Charges

Type of Capital
Fee per ERU

Capital Charges Intent to Annex

The following are capital charges for consumers who intend to annex:

Type of Charge
Intent to Annex for Utility Services: Administrative Cost$100
Infrastructure Construction (not including water, sewer and reuse)$3.50 per $1,000 of construction cost
Sewer (per City Code Chapters 173 and 174)$7,143.00 plus 15%
Water (per City Code Chapters 173 and 174)$2,408.00 plus 15%
Water, Sewer and Reuse (City Code Chapters 173 and 174)3% of construction cost

Sewer and water capital charges are in addition to the construction costs and any other fees including permitting fees from Orange County to cross an Orange County Road.