Professional Standards

Professional Standard Investigations is the process by which the Ocoee Police Department investigates allegations of misconduct or substandard performance on the part of its employees.

The process provides citizens, supervisors, and employees a fair mechanism to address their complaints regarding law enforcement services.


The purpose of the Professional Standards Division is to establish uniform procedures for the investigation of incidents involving professional compliance, or possible misconduct by department personnel.


The Professional Standards function is important for the maintenance of professional conduct in a law enforcement agency. The integrity of the agency depends on the personal integrity and discipline of each employee. The Professional Standards also completes all background checks for new sworn employee candidates.


To a large degree, the public image of the agency is determined by the quality of the Professional Standards function in responding to allegations of misconduct by the agency or its employees. Complaints may be reported by to any department manager or supervisor by any citizen or department member in any of the following manners: in writing (PDF), orally, by telephone, online, or by correspondence (signed or anonymous).

Anonymous complaints will be handled at the discretion of the Chief of Police.


It is the policy of the Ocoee Police Department to fully investigate in a prompt, thorough and impartial manner all allegations of possible misconduct by department members.

In addition to investigating allegations of misconduct the Professional Standards Division also acts as a medium to report compliments regarding any member of the Ocoee Police Department. Simply follow the same procedure for issuing a complaint and a written form of your compliment will be forwarded to all parties involved and posted in a visible area where all department members can read.