Crime Watch

The design of the Neighborhood Watch Program is easy to follow. Each Neighborhood Watch program needs a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. This person is responsible for attending the monthly Coordinator Meetings. The Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Liaison holds a Neighborhood Crime Watch Coordinator meeting.

Police Liaison

The Police Liaison meets with all the Watch Coordinators and provides them with handout material, guest speakers and addresses questions or concerns that the Coordinators may have. The Watch Coordinator would have received the questions or concerns from the Block Captain. After the meeting, the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator would pass the information on to the Block Captain.

Block Captains

The Block Captains are the members that provide the information passed on by the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator to the participants that reside in that Block Captain's area.

Transferring Information

Many communities and Home Owner Associations have devised their own ways of transferring the information to the members of their community. The most common method is the Community Newsletter.

The most important thing is that the communities have established methods of communicating with each other and are watching out for each other's best interest.