Field Training Officers (FTO)

Besides completing the police academy, newly hired officers are put through an intensive training program known as Field Training. Officers who have completed Field Training Officer (FTO) School conduct this training. The newly hired employee will be evaluated daily to ensure they are properly performing their job.


The training is divided into 5 sections. The first is Administration. In this section the trainee receives their uniforms and other equipment.

The second, Orientation, training is received on the agency’s Standard Operating Procedures, the city’s Rules and Regulations, and the agency’s required paperwork.

The next three sections are broken into 4-week intervals, Traffic, Patrol, and Criminal Investigations. During this time the trainee is observed by the FTO on the handling of calls for service with little or no help from the trainer.


In the final part of the training program, the trainee is evaluated on their ability to handle themselves in situations, without assistance from the training officer.

After Training

After this 17-week Field Training Program the new employee is prepared to join a squad.