Community Redevelopment Agency

The City of Ocoee's Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a vital component of the area and represents an opportunity for the City to revitalize the community with the creation of jobs, new infrastructure, beautification projects, new and redeveloped commercial, retail, and housing options, and by improving the quality of life through lifestyle choices for residents and business owners. The CRA provides solutions related to land use planning, infrastructure and services, land development regulations, economic development, and aesthetic design to improve the vitality of the CRA and promote this area as a "destination place."

Vision Statement
To create centers of vibrant, urban, mixed use development that ensures enhanced pedestrian and automobile connectivity, flexible land uses, a diverse economic base, a mix of housing types, a shared responsibility of infrastructure fi nancing, open space as a public amenity, and enhanced image and development form.
City-Planned Development
More than $5 million in roadway improvements including:
  • Bluford Avenue roadway widening from New Maine Street to SR 50 from Richmond to Blackwood Avenue
  • Maine Street extension from Bluford Avenue to Blackwood Avenue
  • Old Winter Garden Road extension from Maguire to Economic Court
Future Lifestyle Centers Currently in Review
  • City Center West Orange - 300,000 square foot, mixed-use facility including retail, office and residential space
  • Cityplace at Maguire - A mixed-use center including a bank, office, restaurant, hotel and parking garage