Lakeshore Center Expansion

Current Status:Construction by The Collage Companies is underway. You're invited to an exclusive hard hat tour at the expanded Lakeshore Center before we open this May. This project will double the existing banquet room to more than 400 seats by extending the building to the north into the area now occupied by a City Hall employee parking lot.

Construction of the Lakeshore Center Expansion will cost an estimated $4 million, with most funds coming from the 2017 General Fund Bond. Interior spaces such as the restrooms, bride and groom rooms, and other spaces will change with the new expansion. When the work is completed, the Lakeshore Center will be able to support multiple events across several rooms, or large events up to 400 people in a single room. It will also feature a smaller venue, the Lakeview Room, which will accommodate up to 125 persons in banquet seating.

General Fund Capital Bond Construction Schedule
Using the construction manager at risk approach, the building contractor worked with the city and its architectural design firm to develop a detailed set of construction documents, and then provided a guaranteed maximum price for construction. Work is presently underway on the main building expansion and construction of an adjacent storage building, which includes a linen laundry facility.

Lakeshore Center Expansion - Version 6 Timeline
Lakeshore Center Project Update Added Space
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Lakeshore Expansion