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Police Department

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. House/Business Check Form

    While you are on vacation, or away from your business, the address you provide will appear on a patrol list, letting officers know that... More…

  3. Ocoee Police Department Guardian Program

    The Guardian Program is designed to expedite the safe return of persons with special needs to their loved ones and provide valuable... More…

  4. Request for Service From the Community Affairs Department

    Please fill out this form if you need assistance from the Ocoee Police Department Community Affairs unit. Please provide at least two... More…

  1. Citizen Public Safety Academy

    Public Safety Academy Sponsored by the Police Departments of the City of Ocoee. Program Requirements The City of Ocoee requires... More…

  2. Ocoee Police Department Citizen Survey
  3. Ocoee Police Department Traffic Unit Support Request
  4. Traffic Complaint Form