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NOTE: All submitted speaking reservation forms are public records under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and are open to inspection by all persons. We also have a printable PDF Form.

You may send questions and comments to citizens@ocoee.org.

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All proceedings before the Commission shall be governed by the Civility Code

The following time limits to speak are in effect:
Public Hearings:
petitioner presentation - 15 minutes
citizen comments - 5 minutes per speaker
petitioner rebuttal - 5 minutes.
Open to Public – Citizens Comments: 3 minutes per speaker, per meeting
CITY OF OCOEE CIVILITY CODE - adopted July 1, 2003.
Pursuant to Resolution No. 2003-16 adopted on July 1, 2003, the following Civility Code shall govern all
proceedings before the City of Ocoee City Commission and Boards:
1. All electronic devices, including cell phones and pagers, shall be either turned off or otherwise silenced.
2. Prolonged conversations shall be conducted outside Commission Chambers.
3. Clapping, whistling, heckling, gesturing, loud conversations, or other disruptive behavior is prohibited.
4. Only those individuals who have submitted speaker forms and who have been recognized by the Mayor
(or Chair) may address comments to the Commission (or Board).
5. Comments at public hearings shall be limited to the subject being considered by the Commission.
6. Comments at Citizens Comments shall be directed to City issues.
7. All public comments shall avoid personal attacks, abusive language, and redundancy.
8. No person attending a Commission or Board meeting is to harass, annoy or otherwise disturb any other
person in the room.

Any member of the public whose behavior is disruptive and violates the City of Ocoee Civility Code is subject to
removal from the Commission (or Board) meeting by an officer and such other action as may be appropriate.
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